Prepping Your Home to Sell

As you prepare your home to sell, staging is an important part of the process. Even if your house is vacant during the time of sale, a few staging touches will help prospective buyers envision their future in your home. If you have the funds, I suggest hiring a staging company to make your home picture perfect.

Studies have shown that staging makes a positive impact on buyers. If you price strategically, market widely and stage, you are likely to sell your home for above list price. Check out the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Staging Stats report for more stats.

I’m excited to share my go to check list for staging your home! It’s okay to take parts and pieces from this list and an experienced realtor can help you create a strategy that makes the most sense for your own sale.

Stage it Where It Counts:

  • Living room,
  • Master bedroom,
  • Kitchen.

These high-traffic areas usually have a big impact on buyers’ perceptions.

Make a good first impression.

  • Power Wash or scrub the front door step.
  • Add a potted plant by the front door.
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers.
  • Remove seasonal decorations.
  • Mow the lawn and reseed or add fresh sod as needed.
  • Wash the front windows.
  • Repaint or stain the porch floor as needed.
  • Add simple porch furniture if you have room.

De-personalize the space

  • Remove personal photos and items.
  • Pack up and hide all your personal products, especially in bathrooms.

Get Rid of Clutter.

  • Throughout the house, remove clutter from out in the open and behind closed doors.
  • Empty closets and storage spaces make the house look move-in ready, and easy for someone to visualize how they might use the space. 
  • Utilize offsite storage temporarily.

Clean the House from Top to Bottom.

  • A deep cleaning now will make your move easier later. 

Patch and Repair.

  • Spackle holes in walls and ceilings. 
  • Caulk where appropriate: bathrooms, windows and trim.
  • After these two steps above, consider repainting your interior to give it that fresh house feel. 

Go Neutral with Paint.

  • Repainting your interior prior to a sale can provide an easy return on investment.
  • Stay white or gray — make it bright and light. 
  • Painting your house white makes natural and artificial lighting better, and gives buyers a blank canvas to express themselves with accents. 
  • At the very least, paint overly saturated accent walls. Your favorite red may be someone else’s blue 🙁 

Focus on fresh

  • Add a few well-placed houseplants.
  • Set up fresh flowers on the dining room table or kitchen island. 
  • Add a bowl of lemons beside the sink, but make sure they stay fresh!

Remove Odors

  • Add houseplants, which naturally clean indoor air. 
  • Clean ducts. 
  • Steam carpets.
  • Use a natural scent such as an essential oil diffuser — no synthetic wall plugs or chemically candles. 

Create the Best Lighting Possible

  • Open the blinds on all of the windows to show off available natural lighting. 
  • Turn on all the lights in your house for showings, including lamps and closet lights.
  • Coordinate your lighting color temperatures: 2700K light bulbs create a warm and inviting lighting. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

  • Go minimal: Store extra furniture to show off your best pieces. 
  • Create symmetrical arrangements — symmetry psychologically conveys beauty. 
  • Pull your furniture off the walls and use pairs to create an inviting conversation area.
  • Throw away your television unless it’s part of a well-defined entertainment area. 

Add Key Accents (These are great for vacant homes too)

  • A new fluffy white bathrobe on a decorative hook on the door adds a cozy touch. 
  • A beautiful bar of soap by a local maker makes a nice statement. 
  • A simple wreath (seasonal but non-holiday) on the front door can jump out visually. 

Stage the outdoors

  • Set up a hammock in the summer to activate your patio or lawn! 
  • Add a couple of chairs and a small table with a potted plant to help buyers envision themselves in the yard. 

A few additional touches that can go a long way

  • Empty all trash cans and move them out of sight.
  • Create a luxury spa look with a fancy soap dispenser, fluffy white towels, decorative baskets, candles, plants, a white shower curtain, and a new bath mat.
  • Organize the insides of cabinets.
  • Make sure it smells fresh, but please do not use wall plugs-ins — many individuals are highly sensitive to synthetic fragrances. 

You’re already one step ahead by reading this go-to check list. Now all you have to do is implement it!

Reach out to me here with questions on how to go about these must-do pre-sale tasks.