Top 9 Real Estate Seller Successes in 2022: How our Clients Rocked the Selling Process

1. Preparation and staging is key – get started early because details matter. 

2. Hire an expert agent who is a skilled negotiator and a problem solver.

3. Know your goals, write them down and share them with your agent. 

4. Price strategically based on the condition of your property and the market. 

5. Maximum exposure = maximum value. Market widely! 

6. Accept when you need to pivot because the market has changed. For example, staging, overall property condition and updates become more important in a ‘buyers market’.

7. Strive to keep the deal together – multiple sale fails may lead buyers to think something is wrong with your house. Find the win-win whenever possible.

8. Work with a team who you trust and has proven systems in place. 

9. Understand that selling and buying property involves people and emotions. You may need that extra glass of wine and a meditation class.